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MAD Community Service Trip: Valle Redondo, Mexico


The MAD Community Service Trip has been described by students as “life changing” and that it “opened their eyes” to how some people in this world live. The families that receive homes have their lives transformed through being provided the basic need of shelter.  Students will receive community service hours for attending but they also gain so much more.  Students come home with a better appreciation for the life they have in Santa Barbara.


Freshman Retreat

The Freshman Retreat is a two-day team building retreat for all new Freshman MAD students. It is designed to build a strong sense of community as the starts begin their four years in MAD. Students participate in low ropes and team building activities, lots of fun and games, and campfire stories.

Sophomore Retreat

The Sophomore Retreat is a three-day retreat that continues the students efforts of team building. It is designed to continue to build a strong sense of community. This trip takes places at a location with snow, taking many of our students out of their typical comfort zone.

Junior Boat Trip

The Junior Boat Trip is a chance for students to explore what’s just beyond their own front door: the Channel Islands and the Pacific Ocean. Along with their Environmental Science and Marine Biology teachers, students explore and experience this ecosystem with a new perspective.

“Potential” Senior Trip

To be determined based on input from Senior class.