Students can complete a total of 80 internship hours  to graduate “with honors” from MAD.

In order for you to “turn in” your internship hours, you need to do the following:

Submit an Online Internship Form.
Fill out and get signed the Internship Time Card
Have your supervisor fill out and sign the Internship Evaluation Sheet

Internships are an extension of the school learning environment that take place at local businesses. Internships need to be arranged as a learning experience. Therefore, students are not to be “pushing a broom, answering phones and filing papers” the entire time. Similarly, students should not be placed in an internship where they are simply utilizing the skills they have already obtained in their Academy courses. An internship is characterized by working along side a professional in a field that is of interest to the student in order to learn the varied responsibilities involved in that business. The acquisition of new skills is the primary focus of an internship. Internships can be paid or unpaid depending on the needs of the business. It is the student’s responsibility to arrange for an internship with the assistance of his or her parents.